Monday, April 23, 2007

The 8 Waves Waterpark

ADDRESS: Ulingao, San Rafael, Bulacan
OWNED & DEVELOPED BY: Villamar Construction & Development Corporation
MANAGED BY: Univill Corporation

8 Waves waterpark has been called "8 Waves" for two (2) reasons: (1) the Owner has 8 children, and , (2) the Main Attraction - The Wave Pool - creates "8 Kinds of Waves" namely:

* Diamond Waves
* Vertical Waves
* Single Rolling Waves
* Double Rolling Waves
* Inverted Waves
* V-Waves
* Right Diagonal Waves
* Left Diagonal Waves

The project started with a dream of the owners way back in 1998 to offer to the community a place where the family could get together more often while having leisure and fun. The concept of a leisure park that would be very affordable to all people of different walks of life which its facilities would be at par with the international standards of providing recreation to the family.

Indeed from the very beginning, the management has been very optimistic on providing every guest an "experience"- such experience to be noted as "unique" in the sense that he/she would feel not only satisfied but as well as delighted everytime he or she leaves the place.

With this in mind, the theme under the sea (water world) finally became the final concept to which gave the park its present image. The biggest attraction, the waves at the 2,788.52 sq. m. pool has become the centerpiece of the project.

From the Noah’s Arc at the kiddie pool, to the Neptune’s Diner, every guest is promised an unforgettable experience.

From the imaginative minds of eight (8) managers/co-owners of the Corporation - The young, talented, dynamic descendants of the owners, and from the regular tedious meetings of board members for almost a year and a half has finally materialized, 8 Waves Waterpark was conceived in July, 2000 in the province of Bulacan, in the town of San Rafael. Surely, every BulakeƱo will be proud of 8 Waves Waterpark - the biggest wave pool attraction in the country today.

Their Vision:

To be a premier resort/themepark destination in Bulacan, providing quality re-creational experience to every guest.

Their Mision:

* To adhere to every set quality standards for operation in order to ensure guarantee guest satisfaction on every service rendered by our staff/crew.
* To continuously upgrade resort facilities for the family to enjoy.
* To provide only quality meals at affordable price to our customers.
* To promote an atmosphere of happy, well-rounded employees working harmoniously for the company.
* To ensure quality human resource training and development for our employees.

Their Value:

1st our customers - give them the BEST!
2nd our employees - give them the FULLEST!
3rd our company - give them the BREAK!

Their Motto:

"Be CHRIST all the time"
"We are quality people, serving quality customers"

Company Core Values: Be CHRIST all the time!

C - Committed, Cooperative, Courteous
H - Hardworking, Honest
R - Reliable, Responsive, Responsible
I - Industrious, Innovative, Imperturbable
S - Sincere, Sensible
T - Trustworthy